SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER As a Senior Account Manager, Regan brings a wide range of experience and knowledge to the Bluetrain team. She has a Degree in Business Management and worked at MacEwan University as an Advisor for 13 years.


DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST Shannon has a passion for all things digital, including online advertising, social media marketing and deep diving into some hard core digital data. She loves to work with her clients to achieve real results that align with their overall marketing goals.


DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST With experience in everything from non-profits to start-ups, Terri’s faced more than her fair share of digital puzzles. As one half of Bluetrain’s BC-based digital team, she combines her passion for data and creativity to brainstorm ‘out of the box’ solutions to complex client problems.

DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST Kathy brings a breadth of online experience ranging from developing her first website in 1997 in Notepad (yes, character-by-character!) to web analytics and search engine optimization. Her thirst for learning new optimization techniques has helped many clients increase their online exposure, search traffic and revenue.

DIRECTOR OF PROJECTS & ACCOUNTS Jodie is the lead at Bluetrain for overseeing the effective coordination of client projects, managing timelines, and coaching our client facing accounts team. She also individually manages large enterprise projects.

DIRECTOR OF CLIENT SERVICES As our Director of Client Services, Brad brings 10+ years of marketing, advertising, and sales experience. He works to find new Bluetrain partners and ways that we can better serve our existing partners.  

PARTNER, DIRECTOR OF DIGITAL MARKETING Matthew spends his days focused on understanding his clients digital pain points and helping them solve their digital problems. He uses data, strategy and insights to guide his recommendations and look for ways to continually improve his client’s online presence.

PRESIDENT Bryan is the founder of Bluetrain and is a digital marketing expert with over 18 years of experience in SEO, online advertising, and web analytics, working on hundreds of websites, and managing millions in advertising spend.