Book Cover Design

When is a dilemma on which book to choose between two or more, a lot of buyers are going to change their mind based on the cover design only. They will go for the one with best design.

Book cover design implies formatting text, graphics and pictures into a predefined digital format page size.

Book cover often range between a simple and a lot more complex and creative, depending on the book topic.

Creative book cover design

On our market, plain and simple book cover usually means poor design, which it does not always have to be the case. Small, but creative and sophisticated details, round up the complete book impression.

“Quark” and “InDesign” are the software most used book cover design. Vnoma uses quality software such as Adobe and InDesign to help you make your book stand out.

We design book covers to attract customers and make them take your book to see what it is about. See our graphic design portfolio.