Catalogue design

Catalogue is a graphic design product that presents your products or services to your potential clients.

What matters the most to us as designer when designing a catalogue is to establish harmony between the text, pictures and colors.

That is so because catalogue design prepares a company presentation for print and online edition. A catalogue describes your overall line of products or services you offer to your customers and should be designed by top standards.

Catalogue form

Catalogue format is not standardized and can be easily adapted by customer demands. At the beginning of your catalogue, your potential clients should find your company’s short history or background story, followed by a work portfolio.

There are no strict rules on how a catalogue should look like. It is fully customizable, and that is where catalogue design beauty lies.

Vnoma team puts its experience, creativity and expertise at your disposal to create a catalogue that will attract people’s attention, and allow them to easily obtain information about your products or services.

Order catalogue design

Vnoma studio offers high quality catalogue design which will professionally present your company on the market. Take a look at our graphic design portfolio and order your catalogue design at highly competitive rates designed to fit any budget.