CD cover graphic design

A CD wrapper is a contemporary instant presentation of content burnt on a compact disc (CD). CD is a multimedia combination of picture, sound, graphics and text, which rarely leaves people indifferent. Usually, there are a few pages to describe CD/DVD, besides the external wrapper.

Original CD cover

CD wrapper presents the work on a CD in a creative way, using quality ideas and/or photos merged into one wrapper composition.

In Vnoma, besides the CD wrapper design, you can additionally have professional photo shoot, depending on your budget.

Order CD cover design

It is not rare to see a company with its own CD/DVD presentation. CD should not be the only company presentation, for sure, but it is the best and the quickest way to be presented to your potential clients.

If you need professional multimedia CD/DVD presentation, contact Vnoma – our team is always open to new ideas and tries to break the barriers of conventional photography and graphic design.