About vehicle graphic design

Vehicle graphic is one of the great aspects of marketing that makes a huge benefit. High frequency of those who see your ad, great way for branding and possibility to see advertisement on multiple locations. Request a quote for effective vehicle advertising design and vehicle wrap design.

Vehicle Advertising Vnoma

With Vnoma you can transform your vehicles on a creative and unique way. You vehicles in moving billboards, connecting with your customers in ways that no other design studios can provide. Our graphic involves powerful messages, quality photographs and photo manipulation that leaves a strong impressions on passer-by.

We are specialized in vehicle design on large surface for trucks, buses, tramways and tarpaulin.

Vehicle Wrap Experts

Vnoma, a premier vehicle advertising and auto wrapping shop serves clients across the world since 2002 promoting their brands in a unique fashion. If you want your logotype and vehicle graphic to be noticed on significantly higher level and to reach the customer with powerful message, then Vnoma studio is right choice for you.

Call us in case you need a service of logo design, billboard design, complete corporate identity, vehicle graphic.